Aligarh House in Hoodi Village


Aligarh House

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Hoodi Village

Veg only

biryani (bachelor)


Aligarh House - Special Masala Chicken Biryani (bachelor)

While we do not claim to have secret recipes for our other biryanis, for this one, we definitely have it! You got to try it once and we are sure you will become a regular at Aligarh House.

₹ 210

Aligarh House - Muradabadi Biryani (bachelor)

Muradabadi chicken biryani has no secret recipe and we do not claim to have one. However you will find it perfected to the same taste, as served, in bylanes of Delhi & UP. Bet you can't stop eating since it is mild in spices. Who knows, it might become your staple diet item.

₹ 210

Aligarh House - Boneless Chicken Biryani (bachelor)

Tender boneless chicken pieces cooked in aromatic basmati rice and bhuna spices is here to make your meals more festive and royal. Enjoy the soulful taste for every mouthful of this biryani!

₹ 230

Aligarh House

Sri Vinayak Tech Park, BBMP Khatha No.101/267,268/11, Graphite Main Road, Hoodi Village 560048

License No. 11220333000243

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